Remazol Midnight Black RGB

Dark as the Night      bluesign_approved

Deep black shades require high amounts of dyes. The new Remazol Midnight Black RGB is a highly concentrated greenish Black with outstanding properties. Remazol Midnight Black RGB offers an optimum solution for exhaust and padding application when deepest Blacks are required.

  • White dischargeable in all color depths
  • Very low staining of polyamide in fiber blends
  • Medium substantivity for reliable dyeing results
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The advantages of Remazol Midnight Black RGB at a glance


Color Confidence

  • Neutral to greenish shade
  • Low staining of polyamide in fiber blends
  • White dischargeable in all color depths

Controlled Coloration

  • Very good reproducibility and levelness
  • Balanced migration behavior
  • Flexible use in exhaust, cold pad-batch and continuous processes
  • Good wash-off behavior

Remazol Midnight Black RGB econfidence facts

  • AOX free
  • Metal free
  • Full compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Meets all Restricted Substance Lists (RSL)
  • Applied for GOTS approval
  • Approved by bluesign
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