Dianix Grey AM-SLR

Universal grey dye with excellent light fastness aimed for the best batch-to-batch reproducibility on PES automotive textiles

Dianix Grey AM-SLR is a new automotive Grey to fit in the Dianix AM range meeting the challenges of automotive coloration.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Neutral grey with excellent build up properties and on-tone build up
  • Highly suitable as a trichromat basis for the standard automotive shades such as beige and grey (pale to heavy), leading to the improvement of production reproducibility
  • High color constancy especially
  • Low sensitivity to variations in production conditions (e.g. pH, temp, time, liquor ratio) helping the dyer to improve the right-first-time performance in production
  • Market Leading light fastness on all types of automotive PES substrates
  • Suitable for the alkaline dyeing process
  • Good general color fastness, e.g. to dry heat fixation, crocking, etc.
  • Shading with the dyes of the entire Dianix AM range, esp. out of the Dianix AM Formula One package



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