Viscous, Off White Fluid

FOAM BLAST 560 is a 100% active blend of advanced hydrophobes that control foam in most metalworking lubricants. FOAM BLAST 560 disperses readily into metalworking fluids for easy incorporation. FOAM BLAST 560 is extremely efficient at controlling foam in waterbased hydraulics, soluble oil and semisynthetic fluids

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Viscous, Off White Fluid
Viscosity (mPa-s) @ 25°C 6000 – 9000
Density @ (kg/L) 25°C 1.01
Application Group Application Description
 Industrial Intermediates Metalworking Fluids Concentrated organically modified silicone blended foam control agent, offering maximum foam control in a wide range of metalworking fluid formulations.
Paper Paper machine 100% active, concentrated modified silicone based foam control agent, that can be used neat or in dilution form in paper machine applications.
Other Industrial Foam Control- Organic Silicones

Other Industrial Foam Control- Organic Silicones

FOAM BLAST® 42880-VOC foam control agent for aqueous systems such as industrial primers, clear/architectural coatings, inks, and overprint varnishes.
FOAM BLAST 282 Multiple Hydrophobe organic silicone foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 295Organic silicone emulsion foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 4201Zero VOC organic silicone emulsion foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 4213Organic silicone/synthetic multiple Hydrophobe foam control agent for Aqueous and Energy Curable (UV/EB) Applications.
FOAM BLAST 552General purpose organic silicone emulsion foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 554Organic silicone/silicone multiple Hydrophobe foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 560Robust organic silicone compound foam control agent.