Cadira® Denim

Get a Move On

What is Cadira Denim?

Complete elimination of hydrosulphite by combining DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% Solution and Sera® Con C-RDA.






DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% Solution

The most Eco awarded Indigo in the world
  • Aqueous solution of reduced Indigo “Ready to use”

  • No inorganic salt content

  • Chemical reduction using hydrogen in our manufacturing facility

  • Elimination of dyebath overflow

  • Improved occupational health

  • Supporting zero discharge sustainability solutions

  • Awarded with the most important Eco-certificates

Sera® Con C-RDA

The unique reducing agent to replace hydrosulphite
  • Reducing hydrosulphite usage by 100%
  • Improved occupational health

  • Salt-free

  • Eco-friendly

  • Remarkable savings of raw materials

  • Strong reduction of waste water parameters like sulphates, chemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids

  • Awarded with the most important Eco-certificates

Strong Effluent Load Reduction

Sulphite/Sulphide Reduction*0%

COD Reduction*0%

*As compared to dyeing with Indigo powder

Total Dissolved Solids Reduction*0%