Black Shield™ Heatset 5C77H709401

Color Index Name: Black 7

Product Details

Attribute Value
Carbon Content 50%
Vehicle Type Modified Hydrocarbon, Phenolic/Alkyd Blend
Solvent 15% severely hydrotreated M47 or equivalent
Typical Properties
Color Index Name Black 7
Application Group Application Description
Graphic Arts & Printing Offset Inks Oil based black dispersion in offset inks.
Other Black Shield™ Oil Based Dispersions

Other Black Shield™ Oil Based Dispersions

ProductDescriptionCarbon Content
Black Shield™ Heatset 5C77H700594Blue shade medium finish special formulation for HS and coldset news.30%
Black Shield Heatset 5C77H705400Desirable printing properties, good gloss and an excellent value.50+%
Black Shield Heatset 5C77H709401High gloss heatset carbon black dispersion offering excellent gloss, jettness and densities as well as very fast setting properties.50%
Black Shield Heatset 5C77S706502High gloss, fast solvent release and good press stability.40%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77H705250A glossy, low VOC, quick-set black base.45%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S704907High gloss, fast solvent release with high solids and good press stability.40%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S704908High strength, very high solids, high gloss and strong oxidative drying.45%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S706400Multi-functional, dependable, high solids.40%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S706504Energy curable, high gloss, ultra fast-setting, quick set black base.45%