“We believe our commitment to sustainability has played an important role in making DyStar a dominant player in the market. Eco-friendly products and ecology services continue to be a key growth driver for DyStar”

We know what we're selling - do you know what you're buying?

In 2003, DyStar created its econfidence® program to cover the product safety and ecology issues associated with the manufacture and marketing of its products. The econfidence® program now plays an important role in driving sustainability in the textile supply chain.

The econfidence® program is designed to provide assurance to our textile customers that the dyes and chemicals we supply comply with legal, voluntary and brand & retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements - labels, laws & logo’s. It is an assurance that our products are in compliance with chemical and environmental legislation in each market in which they are sold.

The econfidence® program allows DyStar to build partnerships with the textile supply chain to foster more sustainable textile production.

The econfidence® program now comprises several interconnected elements:

1. econfidence® commitment for our products
2. econfidence® partnership
3. econfidence® in processing
4. econfidence® branding programs

Your Benefits

- Confidence about the eco-performance of your textiles
- Your supply chain partners understand how to meet your eco-specifications
- Shorter lead-times and more reliable supply
- Support for your reputation and brand integrity


 Gain confidence in the eco-performance of your textiles and garments through DyStar’s econfidence® program.

For more information on our econfidence® program,please contact us.