econfidence Branding Programs

For those mills and brands and retailers wishing to differentiate their products in the market, DyStar offers a range of branding or labeling materials to suit particular fiber processing scenarios. The licensing agreement for these materials includes a requirement for ecological testing to ensure that the required eco standards are met. econfidence® is our worldwide registered trademark and it is a commitment from DyStar towards the ecological quality of our products. We offer the econfidence® branding program to our valued and loyal customers and we help them to add value and credibility to their eco product lines.

Our econfidence® branding program is a very effective way of communicating to your customers, your eco commitment to the environment by leveraging on this well structured program built on a mutual commitment towards sustainable textile production. It has proven to be a successful approach for our customers who have adopted the program, providing a win-win partnership for both parties, helping them to actively promote sustainability in textile and apparel supply chain.

The econfidence® hangtags are supplied by DyStar to the customer as a visible mark of econfidence® on their product line and can be used by the customer as a marketing tool to add credibility and value to their product.

econfidence® Success Stories

- econfidence® Success Stories 2012 - Artistic Milliners Group, Pakistan
- econfidence® Success Stories 2011 - Ngamdee Cotton Co. Ltd, Thailand


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