Sustainable Textile Solutions

Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS) is dedicated to assisting brands, retailers and industry partners implement sustainable textile production that is meeting quality and eco-requirements and makes more efficient use of resources.

The STS programs focus on three main components: consultancy, auditing and capacity building. These are built bespoke to meet the individual requirements of every client.

The following STS programs enable brands and retailers to monitor and improve the capability of their supply chains and achieve compliance to their environmental, health and safety standards.


Restricted Substance List (RSL) Development

STS assists Brands & Retailers in further communication and implementation of RSLs with Industry Partners.

The STS team’s expertise is in assisting with the communication and compliance assessment of RSLs for Brands & Retailers. Further providing general advice and guidance on suitability of dyes and chemicals as well as offering advice on test methods and procedures in order to help Brands, Retailers and Industry Partners effectively monitor chemicals along the apparel supply chain.


Textile Mill Efficiency Improvement

STS works directly with mills to raise productivity and efficiency levels in textile processing.

STS’s mill efficiency program’s objective is to support textile mills, dye-houses, printers and laundries in saving of natural resources like water and energy as well as savings in chemicals used by improving right first time production levels and a reduction in re-processing. This STS program assesses the current textile processing practices and offers suggestions to improve productivity and machine utilization.



Chemical Management Improvement

STS understands global chemical legislation and the requirements of the textile and apparel industry

The STS chemical inventory management program tool is designed to identify opportunities for improvement of compliance, and chemical management. This is further achieved by building capacity through trainings and awareness sessions in the supplier countries specifically related to dyes and auxiliaries and their chemistry.



ZDHC Benchmarking & Improvement

STS provides integrated advice on ZDHC compliance third party testing results to further improve compliance.

The 11 priority chemicals as identified by ZDHC are the pillars of this program. The STS team will assess the supplier, its full chemical inventory and provide advice to third party testing lab on most appropriate time and place to sample water analysis. STS provides in addition an interpretation of test results that is accompanied by recommendations for improvement.

These four new programs, built on the existing DyStar econfidence® commitment and CSI’s color communication expertise, provide the textile industry with the strongest foundation to rapidly build sustainable products and processes while improving costs and eliminating toxic chemicals from the supply chain.

In addition DyStar offers training and seminar programs to support you in building capacity in your supply chain. These programs are off-the-shelves or tailor made to suit your business needs.

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Projects & Testimonials

Client ZDHC Report Release

Sustainable Textile Solutions acted as a service provider for the “Discharge Data Report” that was recently launched by C&A, H&M and G-Star raw.

The “Discharge Data Report” is part of the Joint Roadmap that a group of major apparal and footwear brands and retailers developed to help lead the industry towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals by 2020 (ZDHC). It reports the results from a pilot study which lasted almost a year, and which aimed to verify whether any chemicals from the 11 priority chemical groups could be detected in the wastewater discharge of selected factories in China, Bangladesh and India

Sustainable Textile Solutions’ expert knowledge and experience of coloration chemistry and textile processing supported this benchmark study through on - site audits, chemical inventory assessment and interpretation of analytical data.

“We really appreciated the expertise and co-operation of Sustainable Textile Solutions in delivering the Factory Benchmarking Study and Discharge Data Report on behalf of the ZDHC brands” (Lars Doemer of H&M)

Find out more about the 'Discharge Data Report' of C&A and H&M.

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