Sustainable Products

DyStar offers a range of sustainable products for the textile industry, which helps promote sustainability across the textile supply chain.


Low Impact Dyes

Remazol Ultra RGB reactive dye technology is particularly designed for the problematic deep shades on cotton. This innovation from DyStar represents the Best Available Technology for dyeing of deep shades by reducing the impact on the effluent load whilst supporting the higher productivity requirement for short lead times demanded by the textile supply chain.


Save Water and Energy

Sera Zyme C-PE

In order to remove natural fats, waxes, inorganic salts and heavy metals from the cotton greige, the textile industry typically uses a pre-treatment scouring process when dyeing deep shades on cotton. The process uses significant amount of water, electricity and steam.

DyStar has introduced Sera Zyme C-PE, which substitutes the conventional scouring with bio-scouring process.

Bio scouring, using the enzyme pectinase to remove waxes and oils from cotton fabrics, ensures good fiber wet-ability and can therefore promote consistent dye penetration and diffusion. Sera® Zyme C-PE also works well for knitted polyester-cotton blend fabrics.

Tests have demonstrated that the use of Sera Zyme C-PE in bio scouring can provide the following savings and resource efficiencies compared with traditional methods:

- 7.3% less process time
- 15.9% less water usage
- 11.3% less electricity consumption
- 19.6% less steam consumption


Further reductions in resource consumption

DyStar’s innovative products Sera Gal G-RFX and Remazol Ultra RGB allow combining scouring and dyeing processes, which can reduce consumption of water and energy and improve productivity by reducing processing time.

If we compare the resource consumption of our combined scour dyeing with the traditional production route, we can achieve the following savings:

- 38% less process time
- 24% less water
- 28% less electricity
- 38% less steam


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