DyStar offers a wide range of products and expert services for different application areas in leather and fur manufacturing.

  • Dystar is the  original  producer of Boehme Fatliquors and Auxiliaries for  optimal  softness,  comfort,  touch and  appeal
  • We offer a complete palette of deep blacks, browns and colorful leather dyes
  • Our products suit every application from economical shoe upper dyeing to high fastness upholstery leathers and high-fashion products
  • We offer superior knowledge of  leather  dyes and technology based on our expertise in dye chemistry 
  • Our leather dyes and auxiliaries meet all our econfidence standards and the eco requirements of leading brands and retailers


Feel-Good Effect for the Automotive Industy

Use our experience to produce optimum results for automotive leather. Our products give soft leathers a tight grain with minimum odor, top fastness properties and low emissions.

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Solutions for upholstery leather

Now you can relax as you select products for the manufacture of upholstery leather. Our economical dyes give you the confidence that you can meet top light and rub fastness standards.

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Make the difference to shoe uppers

Stay a step ahead in shoe uppers. Our wide range of products offer optimum solutions for all requirements, including suppleness, comfort, touch and appeal with excellent physical properties.

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High-quality products for fashion leather

Make sure you remain a trend-setter in leather fashions. Using our innovative products you can produce extremely soft, light-weight leather in a wide range of colors – from pastels to brilliant deep hues.

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