Leather & Fur

DyStar is an expert partner for the leather and fur industry. We market a wide range of products for leather and fur production – from soaking and tanning to fatliquoring and dyeing. Our expertise is bundled in our Research & Development, Analytics and Application Technology departments to help us set new standards for the benefit of our customers.

Research and Development

We invest in the ongoing development of our products. Our success is built on intensive development work, advanced applications technology, customized solutions and flexible customer service. We focus on providing efficient, high-quality products and services and ensuring an environment-friendly process chain.

Service Laboratories

All-round service is one of the ways in which DyStar differentiates itself from its competitors. Our Service Laboratories are constantly working on new and improved products to add value in the manufacture of leather and fur around the world. In this way they help shape new trends in the appearance and feel of leather and create new fashion shades. The specialists at our Service Laboratories provide custom-tailored recipes, solutions to customers’ problems, information on specific application methods, fastness testing, shade cards and color matching.


The Analytics Laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany offers a wide range of tests. Its state-of-the-art equipment, extensive range of test methods and highly trained staff enable it to meet all international specifications.

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