GOTS - Organic Cotton


DyStar offers a wide range of colorants and auxiliaries approved for use on organic textiles by certification organizations such as Control Union Certifications (CU) and the Institute for Marketecology (IMO), who were amongst the first bodies approved to offer certification under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The Fastest Growing Fiber in the World

The production of organic cotton has increased dramatically in the last five years from 145,872 metric tonnes in 2007-2008 to 240,000 metric tonnes in 2011-2012. ( Estimated global retail sales of organic cotton goods have reached over $5.61 billion from 2009-2010.

Many leading retailers and brands now include organic cotton lines in their clothing ranges. Examples include:

- Nike

- Co-op Switzerland
- Otto
- Patagonia
- Gap Inc.
- Levi Strauss
- Wal-Mart


GOTS 3.0-Approved Dyes and Auxiliaries

DyStar is a leading partner for the textile supply chain and is committed to environmentally-advanced dyestuff production and application process development.

DyStar was one of the first companies to have its dyestuffs approved by GOTS for organic textiles. DyStar offers an extensive range of dyes and auxiliaries which are approved with GOTS Version 3.0.

DyStar experts in cotton processing have defined how to use GOTS-approved products to achieve sustainable and optimized results in organic cotton processing using Best Available Technology in pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing.

Under its econfidence® program, DyStar is committed to assisting our customers in their efforts towards achieve sustainability.

List of GOTS approved products

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