Evo Sport

Evo Sport finishes for sportswear

Sport pushes our bodies to its extremes. Whether it is in the gym, on the pitch or on a mountain side we need our sporting textiles to support us and reduce the effects of our strenuous activity. Evo Sport finishes provide functionality and give active comfort to our sportswear.

Evo Sport

Your benefits:

> Moisture management
- Removes perspiration from the body and spreads it over a wider area so it can evaporate more easily in a quick-drying effect
- Supports temperature regulation during strenuous activity
- Gives better wearability and comfort factor
> Freshness
  Reduces body and garment odor
> Softness
  Gives great softness to leisurewear and sportswear with wash-fast durability
> Protection
  A wide range of finishes for waterproof, windproof, anti-UV and abrasion resistance

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