Evo Comfort

Evo Comfort lifestyle finishes for textitles

Modern life provides us with daily challenges, and increased pressure on our leisure time. Today, we expect not just great comfort from textiles, but garments which keep their shape and size and look good for longer. With this in mind, DyStar offers the Evo Comfort concept. It brings together the reassurance of a high quality finish with additional functionality.

Evo Comfort

Your benefits:

> Easy Care
  Wash, dry and wear effects combining wrinkle free, crease resistance and dimensional stability for cotton garments and fabrics, eliminating or reducing the need for ironing
> Wool Care
  Gives superlative machine washability to wool fabrics and garments, with super soft handle and comfort, with low maintenance
> Soft Touch
  Offers a range of excellent soft finishes, combining softness with fabric caring properties
> Quick Dry
  Absorbent finishes bring a real feel-good factor to clothing and home textiles, with excellent softness, moisture absorbency and fast drying effects
> Soil Release

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