Evo Care

Evo Care wellness finishes for textiles

Clothes are our second skin, so we should let them work and care for us. With Evo Care finishes, the added benefits of natural skin caring ingredients are transferred to the skin during daily wear. Evo Care finishes help protect the skin from premature ageing by reducing the effects that noxious pollutants and UV exert upon us.

 Evo Care

Your benefits:

> Evo Care range of finishes include nature’s skin care solutions
- Aloe Vera
- Jojoba
- Vital (Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba)
- Beeswax
> Evo Care finishes are suitable for Oekotex Standard 100, having no negative ecological, environmental or dermatological properties
> Evo Care finishes can be combined with other Evo finishes and have the benefit of being resistant to multiple washing
> Evo Care finishes can be assured on request, with a full testing and certification program
> Evo Care finishes give you the real feel good factor

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