DyStar Vision and Mission


We strive to be the environmental and innovation global leader in our chosen industries


More than 100 years of experience in production and application development for textiles dyes and chemicals, has set us up to consistently grow our business and also venture out into new markets and industries like paper, plastic and other specialty chemicals.

We will continue to use our expertise and creativity to support the competitiveness and business growth of our customers - Brands & Retailers, Mills, Dye Houses, Printers and Laundries – by bringing to market cost-effective and innovative new products as well as integrated technical and environmental solutions.

With the support of our shareholders we pursue to invest in our leadership to make a difference, by living up to global and legal business requirements and environmental and social responsibilities and by reducing the ecological impact of both our own and our customers’ operations.

Our focus is on quality and resilience for the entire supply chain of our customers. Through our innovative products and services we help our supply chain partners to produce low-impact consumer products meeting the highest environmental and quality standards in the most cost effective way.


Core values:



DyStar operates worldwide and respects a wide range of legal requirements and cultural circumstances. We are committed to conducting our business activities with the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards. We ensure a safe and healthy environment for our employees with equal opportunities. We honor the intellectual property of our competitors. We take our responsibility seriously to protect the environment. Our products and manufacturing sites are compliant with environmental and other relevant regulations.


DyStar is committed to continuous innovation not only in products and services but also in manufacturing techniques and business processes in order to deliver environmentally compatible products and minimize the impact on the environment of our operations and those of our customers in the industry sectors we supply. 


The quality of our products and services is a key factor in our company’s success and underpins the fulfilment of our corporate goals. 

Our manufacturing processes, products and application methods are trendsetting. Our industry-leading econfidence® program is designed not only to provide assurance to our customers that the dyes and chemicals we supply comply with legal requirements but also to consult so that the selected products are compliant  with voluntary and brand & retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements. The econfidence® program allows DyStar to build partnerships along the value chain to foster more sustainable production in the apparel, textile and leather sectors. 

We continue to create a motivating and creative work environment to attract talented and services oriented employees.