DyStar Vision and Mission

Our Vision Statement -

“We aspire to become the world’s most sustainable and responsible supplier of colors, chemicals and services to the global textile industry.”



With a legacy of over 100 years in product and application innovation, DyStar started out as a coloration specialist for the textile industry. Anticipating the growth of our customers’ needs, DyStar have since transitioned to a solution provider for the textile industry, offering Brands, Retailers and their industry partners a complete and comprehensive range of colors, chemicals and services.

Today, Dystar is committed to empowering and motivating its employees to enhance its legacy with solutions that have a positive impact on People, the Planet, and Profit.

Dystar takes a two-fold approach to sustainability by helping all customers reduce their environmental impact with our market-leading products and sustainable solutions, and also by taking initiatives to reduce the social and environmental impact of our operations, resulting in increased efficiency and lower costs.

This sustainability strategy corresponds with the Core Values of our Mission:

  • Expertise in Product & Service Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Market and Customer Focus
  • Understanding the Brands & Retailers
  • Leader in Product Safety & Ecology
  • People Excellence
  • Quality

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