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07 Mar 2012 Media Release: DyStar launches Sustainable Textile Service Programs

DyStar Textile Services (DTS), the service division of the DyStar Group, introduces its Sustainable Textile Service Programs to help Brands, Retailers and their Industry partners reduce the impact of their products and processes on the environment and optimize supply chain costs.

Greenpeace raised global awareness of the environmental issues of the textile supply chain with its recent Dirty Laundry reports, and Brands, Retailers and their Industry partners are under significant pressure to clean-up the textile supply chain. In the call to action, Brands, Retailers and their supply chain partners are in the beginning stages of collaborating to create a sustainable textile supply chain that eliminates the toxic chemicals.

DyStar welcomes the initiatives with the introduction of its sustainable textile service programs which are specifically developed to help audit the supply chain and recommend sustainable solutions for improvement.

“The programs support and provide solutions to our customers’ sustainability initiatives”, states Dr. Ron Pedemonte, DTS global service manager. Currently, DyStar offers four extensive development programs to Brands, Retailers and their Industry partners to improve sustainability in the supply chain:

  1. Restricted Substance List (RSL) Development
  2. Textile Mill Efficiency Improvement
  3. Chemical Management Improvement
  4. Environmental Improvement

These four new programs, built on the existing DyStar econfidence® commitment and CSI’s color communication expertise, provide the textile industry with the strongest foundation to rapidly build sustainable products and processes while improving costs and eliminating toxic chemicals from the supply chain.


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