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DyStar Group is a solution provider, offering customers across the globe a complete range of colorants, auxiliaries and services. The DyStar Group has offices, competence centers, agencies and production plants in over 50 countries to ensure expertise is both global and local for brands & retailers, mills and dye-houses.

DyStar's Textile Services (DTS) division offers:

  1. State of the art color communication through Color Solutions International (CSI)
  2. Textile and ecology testing through Texanlab
  3. Ecology and environmental solutions and advice through its Ecology Solutions team
  4. Sustainable Textile Solutions programs which are specifically developed to assist brands, retailers and their industry partners with supply chain auditing and by recommending RSL compliant sustainable solutions for improvement

With a focus on sustainability and eco compliance, our team of well-trained specialists and modern service labs in major markets ensure that customers worldwide not only receive fast and expert technical assistance, but advice to reduce costs, shorten lead times and meet stringent quality and ecological specifications.



Company Name: DyStar Group

Sales: Approx. $1 Billion USD

Employees: Approx. 2.000 worldwide


  • Headquartered in Singapore
  • Sales companies in all key markets
  • Agencies in approx. 50 countries
  • 14 Production sites in 12 countries


Core Products and Services:

  • Colors and effect chemicals for the textile industry
  • Colors and chemicals for the leather industry
  • Color communications services
  • Environmental solutions and advice
  • Textile and ecology testing services
  • Toll manufacturing for various industries

Quality Certifications:


For more information on DyStar Group, please contact us at info@dystar.com.



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To enable DyStar to remain a global leader in the textile industry, we are constantly looking for talented, ambitious and flexible men and women to join our company and put into practice what they have learned. One of DyStar’s main strengths is its diversity – the unique blend of experience and cultures that sets us apart from our competitors. Learn More...