2010 Sustainability Report

As a responsible company, we acknowledge that we have a critical role to play in our daily operations to reduce our impact on the environment. It is a result of an extensive company-wide exercise to gather relevant data and assess our own processes and systems for making improvements. The report is a clear reflection of our commitment to sustainability.

Our very first – an outcome of the global sustainability project

Our first annual Sustainability Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Guidelines, the internationally recognized framework for sustainability reporting. The report contains disclosure of our sustainability performance data on selected indicators for the year 2010.

We set an example of industry leadership when we published our first Carbon Footprint Report in August 2011, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our annual Sustainability Report now puts us ahead of competition, and establishes us as an industry leader in sustainability.

Our report comes at a time when there is a heightened global interest in the textile industry’s social and environmental impact. Recent campaigns by NGOs such as Greenpeace against irresponsible use of toxic chemicals by some of the textile manufacturers in China and elsewhere has increased pressure on global brands to address these concerns with urgency.

World’s leading brands have joined hands to form the Sustainable Apparel Coalition with an aim to develop a Sustainable Apparel Index for the industry. There are other similar initiatives to boost sustainability performance of the textile and apparel supply chain. Several leading brands and retailers already have their own initiatives to reduce the environmental impact throughout their supply chain.

All these developments and initiatives clearly point to a future where suppliers with strong sustainability credentials and solutions will be highly valued. DyStar, with an impressive portfolio of sustainable products and services, and a renewed focus on the company’s own sustainability performance, is well placed to have a competitive edge in the reconfigured textile supply chain.

The annual Sustainability Report and the Carbon Footprint Report would enable us to share our sustainability performance more effectively with customers who frequently request for this information. These reports also help us establish benchmarks and track our own progress around social and environmental issues.

“Last, but not the least, the sustainability project team and all those colleagues who contributed to this report are to be commended for the collection and reporting of data in a timely manner, for this report and for continuing to contribute for the next ones.”

For more information on our Sustainability Efforts, please contact us at Sustainability@DyStar.com.